The Vestry

Holy Comforter’s Vestry consists of 12 persons, each elected by the congregation to serve no more than a three-year term. The terms of each group of four are staggered so that four are elected annually and four are retired. The Vestry carries out its canonical duties through an organization of the officers (senior warden and junior warden), register, secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer, committee chairs, and members at large, with the Rector as the chair. In making a commitment to serve, each Vestry member gives their time and talents to fulfilling this role.

Vestry Vestry Person of the Month (VPOM)

Each month one Vestry member is the Vestry Person of the Month (VPOM). The role of the VPOM is to serve as the point person for our combined interaction within the Holy Comforter community and the Vestry’s canonical role and responsibility in promoting the spiritual well-being of our parish.

For the month of February 2024, the VPOM is Sherryl Dorch.

Sherryl and her husband Bob have been members of Holy Comforter for over 25 years. The Dorch’s have two children, Philip who lives in Washington, DC, and Abby, who lives in Sterling, VA. This is Sherryl’s second time serving on the Vestry at Holy Comforter where she oversees the Fellowship Committee for the second year. In addition to Vestry service, Sherry is a Lay Reader, serves as the speaker coordinator for the ECW, and is a volunteer at Pennywise. Before joining the Vestry she managed the scheduling of all Lay Readers and Eucharistic Ministers; and served as a Sunday School teacher, Confirmation Mentor, and Eucharistic Minister. She frequently attends the annual Women’s and Parish retreats at Shrine Mont. In her personal life, Sherryl is the Vice President of Marketing for Swish Data, a value-added reseller of technology and engineering services to the federal government.

If you have any comments, questions, or are in need of pastoral care, please do not hesitate to reach out this month’s VPOM, Sherryl Dorch.

Meet Your Vestry

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Brian Land

Byron Knight

Chris Doyle

David Grove (Senior Warden)

Kathy DeSanti-Paulini (Junior Warden)

Kerry Gilpin

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Laurie Pedry

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Sherryl Dorch

Steve Littlewood