Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

We learn, grow, and walk in the way of Christ.

Adult Faith Formation is offered in a myriad of ways and days, times, and seasons. We invite and support questioning, exploration, and wrestling with faith. Through a rich variety of programs for all stages of Christian development, we nurture and practice our core beliefs and are encouraged to live into our Baptismal promises. The Adult Faith Formation team meets 5-6 times a year to pray and plan upcoming offerings.

Summer Sunday Forum

All summer following the 10:00 a.m. service, we’ll cover topics that are salient in our engaging the world as followers of Christ. Bring a friend! All are welcome!

And God Saw That It Was Good: June 16, 23, 30, and July 7

Parishioner Margaret Bain will host this 4-part spirituality course which accompanies the Ken Burns film The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. The course is designed to deepen relationships with both Earth and Spirit.

June 16: Introduction to the National Parks; discussion on how they take us back to our sense of connection to the natural world.

June 23: Why the Divine Mystery seems so present to us in the parks and in nature more generally.

June 30: Reflecting on the human impact—positive and negative—on the parks and on the Earth.

July 7: The National Park Service is more than a recreation ground for humans; it has a mission of preserving natural systems. How might we expand our vision of the Divine to include the non-human along with the human?

The Anxious Generation: July 14 and 21

Join our Rector, the Rev. Jon Strand, for a discussion of the book The Anxious Generation by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. The book explores the facts about the epidemic of teen mental illness that hit many countries at the same time, and investigates the nature of childhood, including why children need play and independent exploration to mature into competent, thriving adults.

July 14: Part 1 (A Tidal Wave: The Surge of Suffering) and Part 2 (The Backstory: Decline of the Play-based Childhood).

July 21: Part 3 (The Great Rewiring: The Rise of the Phone-based Childhood) and Part 4 (Collective Action for Healthier Childhood).

Music in the Church: July 28 and August 4

Music plays an important role in worship services. How are hymns and other forms of music chosen? How does the organ work and what is it able to do? Come to hear what Minister of Music David Kelley has to say on these subjects and much more.

July 28: Hymnody and other forms of church music

August 4: The Organ: King of Instruments

Introduction to the Enneagram: August 11, 18, and 25

This ancient personality typing system helps us find ways to move closer to each other and to God. Over 3 interactive sessions facilitated by parishioner Julie Nutter, you will learn about the deeper motivation for your behavior patterns and how to improve relationships with others by focusing on the divine Self within you.

August 11: Introduction to the Enneagram, Exploration of the 9 Types

August 18: Awareness and Cultivating the Inner Observer

August 25: Using the Enneagram to Move Closer to God and to Each Other

Bible Study:

Men’s Bible Study: Tuesday, 6:45–7:45 a.m.

Women’s Bible Study: Tuesday, 6:45–7:45 a.m.

Episcopal 101:

Episcopal 101 is a class for newcomers and old-timers alike—anyone who seeks a deeper relationship with God and to learn more about the Episcopal Church. Over the course of 11 sessions we will dive into the theology and history of the Episcopal Church, scripture, and the Book of Common Prayer; explore different forms of prayer; and learn about the ministries of Holy Comforter. At the end, some will choose to be baptized, confirmed, or received into the Episcopal Church, but that is not a requirement.

Living Compass:

Beginning at the Parish Retreat in September, and then in small group sessions in October and November, join us to examine your life using the Living Compass curriculum. Areas of focus are Care of Body, Stress, Vocation, Organization, Rest and Play, Spirituality, Emotions, and Relationships. Learn more and take the Living Compass Assessment HERE. For more information, contact the Rev. Ann Gillespie.

Small Groups:

Small groups meet together to study scripture, pray, and have a time of fellowship. Some meet in person, some on zoom. For a list of these groups, contact the Church Office or the Rev. Ann Gillespie.

Being With

Come explore the meaning of life together as we learn and share in a positive and inclusive setting. There’s no book to buy or read, just a willingness to engage and be with others and with God. These conversations are for everyone—people new to Holy Comforter or new to Christianity, or even coming back to try Christianity again after a painful experience, as well as longtime members.

Currently, the group meets twice a month on Mondays from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m. on Zoom. For more information, please email Diane Poldy, Linda Christ. Matt Barazia or Gini Barazia.

Book and Movie Club:

Sponsored by the Becoming Beloved Community ministry, meets monthly, alternating between discussing books and movies, on topics that deepen understanding of racial justice. Check our Special Events calendar!

EfM – Education for Ministry:

University of the South study program led by trained mentors that takes participants on a four-year journey of theological study, Bible interpretation, and reflection. Participants read and discuss the Old Testament (year 1), the New Testament (year 2), Church History (year 3), and Theology (year 4). You do not have to commit to all 4 program years when registering, nor complete in 4 years. Holy Comforter offers two sessions of EfM:

Virtual 2½-hour meetings every Wednesday evening (6:30–9:00 p.m. starting September 13). Please contact Sharon McGroder.

In-person 2-hour meetings every other Sunday, with hybrid option (3:00–6:00 p.m. starting September 17). Please contact Joni Langevoort.

If you have questions about Adult Faith Formation and/or any of our current offerings, please contact the Rev. Ann Gillespie.

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