Capital Campaign

Family, Faith, and Future

We at Church of the Holy Comforter are blessed to have one of the most beautiful church campuses in the diocese. Our parishioners built this campus generations ago. Their sacrifices built our heritage. Now it is our turn to grow our faith, family, and future for generations to come.

Campaign Projects:

Based on the Feasibility Study results, which included parishioner feedback through surveys and interviews from March 2022, we have determined that the Growing Our Faith, Family, Future campaign scope will focus on four main components: debt retirement, solarization of the campus, relocation and enhancement of the music room, and stewardship of the campus.

1. Debt Retirement

Anticipated Cost: $800,000
The Phase III campaign (completed in 2012) resulted in a current parish debt of $800,000. The overall goal is to be a debt free congregation and free up our debt payments so funds may be used for ministry.

2. Solarize the Campus

Anticipated Cost: $550,000 (potentially reduced by government tax credits)
Installing solar panels on the Holy Comforter campus will ensure that our parish uses clean energy, aiding in taking care of God’s creation. This initiative will also help in achieving the diocese’s goal, which was adopted by our Vestry, of reducing Holy Comforter’s carbon footprint 50% by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2045. A lead gift of $425,000 has been committed for the dedicated purpose of solarization. Holy Comforter’s portion is approximately $125,000.

3. Relocate and Enhance the Music Room

Anticipated Cost: Approximately $100,000 to $180,000
Music at Holy Comforter is offered to the glory of God. Our choir room has been outgrown and more space is required for current and future needs. Relocating the music room to the third floor would double the music area as well as allow for improved acoustics, add appropriate robing, music storage, and an office for the Minister of Music.

4. Stewardship of the Campus

Anticipated Cost: TBD
Holy Comforter envisions refreshing and increasing funding for our campus maintenance plan to preserve and maintain the parish campus for its current and future use and operation and its Capital Replacement fund.

Projects and Goal:

The goal of the Growing Our Faith, Family, Future campaign is to raise $1,250,000 in honor of our 125th Anniversary.

Updated information on the campaign continues to be added to this page. Please continue to check back!

Capital Campaign Logo 2022

At Holy Comforter, our mission is to help our community and world know the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ.