Puerto Rico: Last Day

Our final day in Puerto Rico started off with more than half of us going to a local beach in San Juan to see the morning sunrise. It was a magical sight to see the sun rising over the ocean to start off our morning!

After we saw the sunrise, we went to a coffee shop inside of a hotel to get our daily dose of caffeine. Let’s just say, we all needed it! We went back to the retreat center and had breakfast consisting of a ham sandwich, sausage patty, and french toast sticks.

Before we went to the airport, we got to be apart of a beautiful Sunday church ceremony. I found that some of the things they said were similar to what we said in our church. The inside was decorated beautifully and had a lovely courtyard in the middle. After the service, we got dominos pizza and had it in the courtyard.

We packed up all our bags and tidied our rooms to what they were before and left the retreat center to the airport where we dropped off the “GLIZZIE” mobile and the “STRAND” van. We arrived 4 hours early to the airport but we soon received an activity of writing something nice about each and everyone of us!

The flight back was a relief. We couldn’t wait to sleep in our own beds and get to see our families. We arrived back to DCA around 10:00pm after a smooth and comfortable flight.

There are some things that we all have taken from our mission to Puerto Rico that we will keep in our hearts. Some of the things were the friendships that we made or strengthened, getting to help some local people who really needed it and growing in our relationship with God.

Sydney Coute