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Puerto Rico: Day 6

Today I woke up a bit late (still pretty early for my standards lol), and we had a lovely breakfast of quiche, breakfast sausage, and a ham and cheese sandwich. Benham lead us in a cleansing morning worship which was much needed after yesterday. Afterwards we got ready for our day in Old San Juan, where we were blessed with a wonderful tour and an equally wonderful tour guide, Sara. At first it seemed like any other boring old school class, but surprisingly I found myself enjoying the history of the 500 year old city.

About half way through we stopped to get this delectable shaved ice. I chose the coconut flavor and it was the bomb! Once the tour ended we were free to roam the city. I went to a cute lunch place right next to the governors house with a few friends. Basically the whole table ordered shrimp. After lunch we all went shopping which was also quite eventful. I only purchased two items: a cool hawaiian shirt with flamingos on it and a little gift for the parents back at home. We all met up in the square in the middle of Old San Juan, and for once, we were actually early.

With all this time to kill, my favorite mentor Denis taught me some rad boxing moves before we went back to our temporary home. Here we got all glammed up and ready for dinner, although most of us (including myself) took the best nap of our lives. Once we were all ready we recreated our picture from last year, we went to a place called La Madré, one of the top ten restaurants on the island! Except they took nearly an hour to prepare our table, but trust me, the food was well worth the wait. I got a sesame seared tuna steak with a side salad but pretty much anything you could order would be heavenly for your tastebuds. Leaving the city took us about an hour and a half, because the traffic was so horrible, but once we got home everyone passed out immediately. And that was the last but not least day. –Luke

Pictured below: Dinner Out on Saturday Night