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Puerto Rico: Day 4

¡Buenos días! This morning proved to be especially energizing for the mission work on which we later embarked: a 7:15 am twisty, challenging yet meditative yoga class; some neon orange gatorade with ham, provolone breakfast sandwiches; and Father Jon’s inspirational message on minimizing power differentials for peace. Stellar for our last full day of service!

At the same home as yesterday, we tackled new tasks of shoveling weeds, scraping floors, and painting ceilings. Despite the enervating sun and humidity that made the weather app’s 91 degrees look fake, collaboration never ceased. We shared life stories. We (Chris) gave minute-ly hydration reminders. We even tried to mind read! In fostering a playful, productive atmosphere among those with whom we had — and hadn’t — previously interacted, we finished the project we sought to do.

As sweet treat o’clock (5 p.m.) rolled around, we enjoyed the park, licking some refreshing ice cream, and witnessing a pigeon flock explode around Luke. After eating tasty pork chops, rice, and beans for dinner, we read at or performed stunts in the pool, then ventured to a bonfire for Compline. We each shared a song we found most meaningful to us, be it simple and reassuring or complex and guiding. Although we’ll miss Casa Cristo Redentor, we’re excited to move places tomorrow! –Benham