Puerto Rico: Day 2

Today marked the debut of the early-bird workout grind and lip-smackin’ 8am breakfast. We hit the road to the first work site after meditating and making sandwiches for lunch. Today we worked at a home that houses elderly people who have no where else to live. With our drinks boosted by Abby’s celsius powder (hydrate or die-drate), we scraped and painted the house to near perfection. Then, we made a Candyland Walgreens run and chilled in the Mamma Mia Lizzy van (or the other one) back to Camp Caribe. We were sticky and sweaty and gross, so we dove into the ocean where el agua drifted us away, Kathryn’s camera captured candid chicken fights and Marco Polo jump scares, and jellyfish stung Mark (don’t worry he’s okay!). Some fruit punch and compline closed the night of a full moon.

-Benham Cobb