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Puerto Rico: Day 2

We all woke up and had eggs and ham, then we got close with God with our morning devotions. Some of us got road sick on they way to the first location. When we arrived we played with a dog we named Princess. We started on our work of scraping paint off the railing, wall, and side porch, then scrubbed all the dirt, mold, and debris. Erin-Grace was asked to braid the hair of mother Anna, of the area church.

After we devoured our sandwich’s and complementary fries and drinks from the family for lunch, we dried and painted the front porch and side porch. A cat came up to say hi and sniff. We made final touches and made sure to paint all the nooks and crannies, and the Puerto Rican wind blessed us.

After Luke left his mark in the form of a footprint on a small puddle of paint, we cleaned up and said goodbye to the family of people, cats, and chickens. We loaded up the car and headed a back to Mission Control (where we are staying). A few of us went to the pool before dinner. For dinner we had beans and rice and chicken and Chris (the Wonder Voyage guide) told us a fascinating story and some people went back to the pool for post dinner pool time were we performed cheer stunts in the water.

We met up for evening Compline and closed out our day and reflected on how we can continue to help people of Puerto Rico through our words, thoughts, and actions. – David