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Puerto Rico: Day 1

Hello Holy Comforter! We started our journey to Puerto Rico early this morning at Reagan National Airport, 6 AM! Luckily we all got through security and onto the plane safely thanks to Elizabeth’s good luck plane tap. On the plane, there were some sleepers, some movie watchers, and thanks to Hayley holding the pouch for the flight attendant during the safety demonstration, we all got extra snacks! When we landed, we all picked up our bags and waited for what felt like forever (two hours) for our vans. To pass the time we played cards, did highs and lows, and met our Wonder Voyage guides: Chris and his son Noah.

After we grubbed at some food trucks for lunch, including more waiting, we arrived at our camp in the town of Aguas Buenas. Although it was still very hot, we were so relieved to feel the mountain breeze and see the pool! We ate a second dinner and then swam in the pool to end the evening. Finally, we ended our day with Compline led by father Jon. – Kathryn