Listening Hearts

Listening Hearts

Are you struggling with a personal relationship? Wrestling with priorities? Facing a moral or ethical dilemma? Considering a move or a career change? Searching for your true path in life?

A team of parishioners at Holy Comforter has been trained to work together with you in a confidential discernment group to help you develop a clearer sense of direction. A discernment group offers a prayerful, informed, intentional effort to seek God’s guidance.

Upon your request, three trained discerners will meet with you—in person or virtually—to listen with open ears and hearts, posing questions to help you go deeper, to sense where your deepest needs and desires align with God’s plan for you. Not problem solving, not psychoanalyzing—but discernment—from the principles and practices based on Listening Hearts: Discerning Call in Community—available on loan in the Church Office or for purchase from Amazon in paperback or e-book.

Questions? Please contact Judith Bowers, Frances Sullinger, or Norma Williamson.

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