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125th Anniversary Celebration Logo Contest

As our world and our community begins to gratefully exit “Covid World,” Holy Comforter is beginning to plan for our 125th Anniversary Celebration—a celebration that was put on hold, but not canceled, by the events of the past year.

In preparation for a planned September 2021 kickoff, the 125th Anniversary Planning Team (APT) is inviting Holy Comforter parishioners to design a logo for the year-long celebration. The logo will be used on the service bulletins throughout the year, on the website, and other communication vehicles to commemorate Holy Comforter’s 125th Anniversary. The opportunity to submit a design is open to all ages!

Anniversary colors for a 125th celebration are Pantone 281 (a deep smokey blue), 115 or 116 (a deep yellow or gold), and white. However, we are open to the use of colors that work best with the designer’s vision. If you need them, there are online resources to motivate your creativity.

Please submit your design—with a brief explanation of the elements—to [email protected]. We are excited to see the creativity of our Holy Comforter family and look forward to using the selected design throughout the 125th Anniversary Celebration